Powerful HTTP Client for iOS.

Postman integration, Collections, Environments and more make HTTPBot one of the most feature-packed HTTP clients on iOS.


Postman Support

HTTPBot supports Postman Collections out of the box, so you can get started straightaway, by importing them - via Dropbox, direct link and more.


Requests you make are saved so that you can come back and review at any time. Add notes for clarity.


HTTPBot autocompletes headers and params with existing as well as commonly-used values.


Authenticate your requests with Basic Auth, OAuth 1.0 or OAuth 2.0.

Pretty Responses

Responses are pretty-printed according to content-type so that there's no mucking around unformatted plain-text.


Global and Environment variables allow you to re-use frequently used parameters easily.


Save frequently-made requests as favorites, for faster access.

cURL Export

Export requests as cURL to share them easily.

Coming Soon

Scripts & Tests

Run custom scripts and tests - imported from Postman too - with your requests.

Request Chaining

Chain multiple requests together, to recreate production scenarios.

API Import

Import live third-party API definitions, and get started using them in no time.

Safari Extension

Make requests straight from Safari using the share extension.

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